Journey of Darkness to Light

Recapturing my life: 40 years ago, I started as Primary Teacher, as on June 8, 1978 (Thursday) to earn, with an intention to acquire college education. I recall and bow down with full respect to two ladies to turned out me as Teacher, Researcher and Author. With the constant and meaningful inspiration by my fearful, voiceless late mother Lilavatiben, to find out way against all odds of family circumstances (unlucky to be youngest in family) and inturn acquired in addition to college education, the professional education too. The constant support by my best friend-wife, Trupti, to support my research and writing attitude (very time consuming-uncountable sacrifices) over the past precious years in spite of my parental’s family_economical_health adversity. Fenil, my son, understood the situations at very young age, faced life hardness and belived about ethics. Thanks to all past and present parents, kids and students, those have supported me, to become Teacher by Passion and seen journey as PT to PG teacher. Today entering in to 41 years of career, look forward same type of love, affection, and blessing from all well-wishers.