Acceptance of Suggestions by GoI

Feeling Happy and Proud to inform that my address as the Invited Key Note Speaker at NITI Aayog on November 17, 2017 has been implemented by Central Government of India in follwing way:

1. Guaranteed Rs 10,000 per month to senior citizens for investment of Rs 15 lakh (my view of investment of Rs 10 lakh.

2. The law is coming into force where children have to give Rs 10,000 per month to their parents in case they are not staying with parents.

I hope my few more suggestions would be implemented.

Thanks to Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan, Udaipur to invite me in at NITI Aayog Sponsored NATIONAL CONFERENCE On “Economic Transformation Agenda for Higher Sustainable Growth, Greater Empowerment and Better Quality of Life”

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