Advise for Ph.D. for Working Professionals

​Advise for working professionals who intend to pursue PhD —
1. Always check out in your city if there is a private university. If there is one, then first verify if it has been established under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956. If yes, then the University has the right to grant PhD degrees.
2. Check if such University offers a PhD programme. If yes, then you are good to go. You can approach the University.
3. Avoid taking admission in Universities that are far off from your base location. Though you will engage in a part time PhD programme, you have to put in full time efforts. You will need to keep meeting your research supervisor for guidance. If the University is in some far off city, then its tough reaching out to your supervisor frequently. 
4. PhD entails a lot of work. Its not a college project report. I have seen hundreds of working professionals who think the ppt that they created in their office can be expanded into a research thesis. It doesnt work that way. 
Lots of working professionals do research on inconsequential topics like ‘work life balance’ or say ‘marketing tricks and tips’…. As practitioners they might be doing good in their jobs with their quick fix solutions. That in itself does not convert into meaningful research when one undertakes a PhD programme.
5. PhD would mean reading lots and lots of research papers. I am not trying to intimidate any enthusiasts here. Only post a lot of rigorous literature review can one identify researchable gaps.

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