CANDID ANALYSIS as Teacher, Researcher and Academical Author. I just look back of my life, 38 years ago. I started to teach  to earn, with an intention to acquire college education. Started as Primary Teacher, as on June 22, 1978 (Thursday). With the helping hands,  love, affections and motivations , given by all kids;  students; and parents of my students;   I turned out as Post Graduate Teacher.  Teaching and learning is my passion since 1986, after completing CMA. Post Doctorate (1994), teaching,  writing and research become motto  of my life: results in to few feathers in my cap.  Thanks to all past and present parents, kids and students, those have supported me, to become Teacher by Passion. Today entering in to 39 years of career, look forward same type of love, affection from all students,  kids and parents of my kids, students  I bow down to my great fearful, voiceless late mother Lilavatiben, to encourage me to find out way against all odds.


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