Dear Zindagi

​’Dear Zindagi’ leads you to ‘Love you Zindagi’ as it shows a way to overcome deep rooted fears of childhood and weaves a magical portrait of a fulfilling life. The movie, takes you on a journey where you cry and smile and laugh with Kaira (Alia Bhatt). It emphasis that “Past should not blackmailing your Present, and in turn not hamper your Future”. It makes a thoughtful process of Transactional Analysis from psycho-socio-family analytics.  You wish that the movie could last longer just as Kaira wishes that her sessions with Dr Jahangir (SRK) could continue forever. The simile of ‘chairs’ with potential life partner is spot on… It is a must see movie  if one likes a meaningful take on life…. It also teach that We all are Teachers of our own Life.

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