Post-Doctorate 24 years

Feeling Happy and recalling

(24 years’ ago) August 18, 1994 (Thursday); Ph.D. awarded to me: pursued under the Guidance and Supervision of World famous Finance Guru: Prof. ( Dr.) I. M. Pandey, then Professor of Finance and Dean of IIM, Ahmedabad. Praying to Gyan ki Maa Saraswati Devi; to help me in my journey of gyan spreading, research, writing and searching and developing new and contemporary academical inputs for the socio-economic development of globe at large in very small way. Sastrang Dandvat Pranam to my Great Guru Shri Pandey Sir and Guru Mata Shrimati Meena Pandey. With bottom of my hearts thanks to my great guru; Matrushi Lilavatiben; and my friend and wife; Trupti; for providing unforgettable support (both have motivated and encouraged me to pursue academia).

Specifically love to my son Fenil to leave me alone during his childhood, and also continuous supports till date. I thanks Roma; Vivaan; & Jeeyansh to encourage for academia.

❇शुक्लवर्ण वाली, संपूर्ण चराचर जगत्‌ में व्याप्त, आदिशक्ति, परब्रह्म के विषय में किए गए विचार एवं चिंतन के सार रूप परम उत्कर्ष को धारण करने वाली, सभी भयों से भयदान देने वाली, अज्ञान के अँधेरे को मिटाने वाली, हाथों में वीणा, पुस्तक और स्फटिक की माला धारण करने वाली और पद्मासन पर विराजमान्‌ बुद्धि प्रदान करने वाली, सर्वोच्च ऐश्वर्य से अलंकृत, भगवती शारदा (सरस्वती देवी) की मैं वंदना करता हूँ॥❇

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