Financial Accounting for Management 3rd Edition

With the blessings of Maa Saraswati, Jain Gods and Goddesses and my mother: I have pleasure to announce Third edition of my book entitled “Financial Accounting For Management” published by Oxford University Press. My endeavour to replace Debit-Credit concept of accounts: by Modern Approach of Accounting (MAA) based on Harvard Equation logic and implementation of concept of Add and Less in all sphere of accountancy is rephrased and more illustration with ORC are specialities through third edition. The same title’s previous editions are being highly acknowledged across the globe by management educators, management students – commerce and non-commerce background specifically engineering and medical professionals. I am thankful to Oxford University in taking my research based initiative in the form of text, and being a spine of the penetration of MAA.

I am indebted and obliged to all my academics friends and professional colleagues: to adopt previous editions as main course text book; and also to provide feedback and reviews to make 3rd edition more valuable.

Thanks to my best friend and wife Trupti Shah and Son Fenil to support me in this endeavour as post-doctoral research. Thanks to my daughter-in-law Roma in supporting this 3rd edition.〈=en&cc=in

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