NITI Aayog

Feeling Happy and Proud to inform that addressed the audience as Invited Speaker Key Note Speaker at NITI Aayog Sponsored NATIONAL CONFERENCE On “Economic Transformation Agenda for Higher Sustainable Growth, Greater Empowerment and Better Quality of Life” (ETA-2017) at Aishwarya College of Education Sansthan, Udaipur Rajasthan. Expressed the view and suggested Policy Intervention for Financial Inclusion from two views:  “Financial Inclusion of Society at large-Challenges and Need of Policy Intervention”. Thanks to Prof. (Dr.) A N Mathur, Director (ACES); Dr. Seema Singh Chair, Person(ACSE); Prof. (Dr.) D. S. Chandawat, Principal  (ACES-Commerce); Prof. (Dr.) Archana Golwalkar, Director (ACSE-Management) and few others.

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