Technical Chair- ICMC

Delighted and feeling academically acclaimed to Co-chair the Technical Session on the theme of “Entrepreneurship, Industry Perspectives and Strategy” in INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON MANAGEMENT CASES” jointly  arranged by George Masons University, Schar School of Policy and Government, Virginia,  USA and BIMTECH, India. The session has been chaired along with senior Prof. (Dr.) Päivi Eriksson, Professor of management in the Business School at the University of Eastern Finland Business School: Aalto University and  University of Tampere in Finland. Year 2017 earmarked with golden feathers bestowed on me as an academia; with blessing from Saraswatidevi, my Guru Dr. Pandey, I. M., my late mother Lilawatiben, my friend and wife Trupti and my children Fenil, Roma.  Thanks to all my well-wishers and my past, and present students.

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